IEEE Joseph John Suozzi INTELEC® Fellowship Award in Power Electronics

Graduate Student $15,000 USD Grant

The IEEE Joseph John Suozzi INTELEC Fellowship Award in Power Electronics is named in honor of the late Dr. Joseph John Suozzi, a founder and long-time leader of INTELEC.  This grant of $15,000 USD is made to an electrical engineering graduate student studying in an area of power electronics that powers information and communication technology systems.  Such systems include Wireline and Wireless Systems, Data/Internet Systems, Video Systems, Satellite communications, Community Antennae Television (CATV), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Systems, Unified Communications, Wireless Internet Networks (Wi-Fi), Data Centers, Energy Storage, Smart Grid, etc.  This scope includes the research, sustainability, fundamental development, design, application, and management of communications energy and related systems.

This fellowship is international and is therefore open to electrical engineering graduate students in all countries.  The applicant must be a graduate student member of the IEEE Power Electronics Society and must furnish his/her IEEE membership number with the application.  The award is a one-time grant to an individual and is not renewable.

Interested electrical engineering graduate students shall submit:

  • An essay not exceeding one page in length that explains how his/her proposed project can be applied to the powering of communications systems.
  • A transcript of his/her grades
  • Evidence of student enrollment status at the time of application and during the period the proposed project would be undertaken
  • A letter of support from his/her Faculty Advisor
  • Your IEEE Membership Number

The awards submission site is now closed. Submissions for the 2022 Awards cycle will start on 1 January 2022.  If you have any questions, please send them to PELS Awards Committee via 


 Past Recipients

2021 Rose Abramson University of California, Berkeley (USA)
2017 Enver Candan University of Illinois (USA)
2016 Liyao Wu Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
2014 Eunice Ribeiro Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal)
2013 Ankan De North Carolina State University (USA)
2012 Hamid Behjati University of Texas at Arlington (USA)
2011 Alessandro Costabeber University of Padova (Italy)
2009 Omer C. Onar Illinois Institute of Technology (USA)
2008 Jian Lu University of Central Florida (USA)
2007 Tirthajyoti Sarkar University of Illinois at Chicago (USA)
2006 Bradley Oraw Arizona State University (USA)
2005 Alexis Kwasinski University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
2003 Mehdi Ferdowsi Illinois Institute of Technology (USA)
2002 Peng Li Northeastern University (USA)
2001 Robert Balog University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)