Each year, The Editor and Associate Editors of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics recognize the three 1st prise papers and five 2nd prize papers deemed best among those published in the Transactions during the preceding calendar year.  The established Transactions review criteria are used as the basis for the Prize Paper selection.  Specific emphasis is placed on originality; contribution to the field; extent to which the paper is supported by analysis and experimental evidence; and quality of presentation, including the effective use of illustrations.  In addition to a certificate presented to each author, an award of $1000 is shared equally among the 1st prize paper authors and $500 to be shared equally among the 2nd prize paper authors.


Past Award Winners




March 2011 P. Tenti, H.K.M. Paredes and P. Mattavelli Conservative Power Theory, a Framework  to Approach Controland Accountability Issues in Smart Microgrids
April 2011 M. Hartmann, H. Ertl, and J.W. Kolar EMI Filter Design for a 1 MHz, 10 kW ThreePhase/Level PWM Rectifier
July 2011 S. Orlandi,  B.A. Allongue, G.  Blanchot, S. Buso,
F. Faccio, C.A. Fuentes, M. Kayal, M., S.  Michelis, and G. Spiazzi
Optimization of Shielded PCB Air-Core Toroids for High Efficiency DC-DC Converters
July 2011 M. Cespedes, L. Xing, and J. Sun Constant-Power Load System
Stabilization by Passive Damping
May 2010 J. Li and F. Lee New Modeling Approach and Equivalent Circuit Representation forCurrent-Mode Control
June 2010 R. Vargas, U. Ammann, B. Hudoffsky, J. Rodriguez and P. Wheeler Predictive Torque Control of an Induction Machine Fed by a Matrix Converter with Reactive Input Power Control
August 2010 F. Giezendanner, J. Biela, J. Kolar, and S. Zudrell-Koch EMI Noise Prediction for Electronic Ballasts
 March 2009  M. Pavlovsky, S. de Haan, and J.A. Ferreira Reaching High Power Density in Multikilowatt DC/DC Converters with Galvanic Isolation
 August 2009 S.Y. Hui, and Y.X. Qin A General Photo-Elecro-Termal Theory for Light Emitting Diode (LED) System
December 2009 F. Krismer, and J.W. Kolar Accurate Small-Signal Model for the Digital Control of an Automotive Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge
January 2008 S. Miaosen, Z.P. Fang, and L.M. Tolbert Multilevel DC-DC Power Conversion System with Multiple DC Sources
January 2008  L. Xun, and S.Y. Hui Optimal Design of a Hybrid Winding Structure for Planar Contactless Battery Charging Platform
May 2008 L. Huber, J. Yungtaek, and M.M. Jovanovic Performance Evaluation of Bridgeless PFC Boost Rectifiers
January 2007 Y. Han, O. Leitermann, D.A. Jackson, J.M. Rivas, and D.J. Perreault  Resistance Compression Networks for Radio-Frequency Power Conversion 
September 2007 Z. Lukic, N. Rahman, and A. Prodic Multibit Sigma-Delta PWM Digital Controller IC for DC-DC Converters Operating at Switching Frequencies Beyond 10 MHz
September 2007 V. Vorperian Synthesis of Medium voltage DC-to-DC Converters from LowVoltage, High-Frequency PWM Switching Converters
January 2006 Z.J. Shen, D.N. Okada, F. Lin, S. Anderson and C. Xu  Lateral Power MOSFET for Megahertz-frequency, High-density DC/DC Converters
March 2006  D.M. Van de Sype, K. De Gusseme, F..M.L.L. De Belie, A.P. VandenBossche, and J.A. Melkebeek  Small-Signal z-Domain Analysis of Digitally Controlled Converters 
September 2006  W. Stefanutti, P. Mattavelli, G. Spiazzi, and P. Tenti  Digital Control of SinglePhase Power Factor Preregulators Based on Current and Voltage Sensing at Switch Terminals
January 2005  S. Luo, W. Qiu, W. Wu, and I. Batarseh Flyboost Power Factor Correction Cell and a New Family of Single-Stage AC/DC Converters 
January 2005  P. Mattavelli, G. Spiazzi, and P. Tenti  Predictive Digital Control of Power Factor Preregulators with Input Voltage Estimation using Disturbance Observers
September 2005  S. Wang, F.C. Lee, W.G. Odendaal, and J.D. van Wyk Improvement of EMI Filter Performance with Parasitic Coupling Cancellation







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